A plug-in that specializes in the function of swinging bread alternately left& right.
It is possible to simplify the work specified by automation in the past, give variations to the method of shaking alternately.



You can use it by downloading it from the DOWNLOAD button on this page, then installing it from the installer of your OS.

The timing of swinging left & right matches the BPM & playback position, the current pan position can be confirmed with the bar at the top of the waveform.

Parameters can also be specified in automation.

Pan position when the MIX value is 0%.


The speed at which the pan is shaken alternately on the left & right.
If it is 1, 1 bar is 1 cycle, if it is 2, it is 0.5 bar cycle, if it is 0.5, it is 2 bar cycle.

Adjust the blend amount when swinging left & right with the DEFAULT value & MAX.

Curve when swinging left & right alternately. The closer it is to 0, the more linear it is, the closer it is to 1, the more it swings in the sine period, the closer it is to 2, it swings extremely like a square wave.

For timing adjustment of the cycle of shaking left & right alternately.