Distribution of plug-ins for music production started

We have started distribution of plug-ins for music production software, which is the first product of REVISTA.

This time, 5 types of “REPEAT”, “WAVE PANNER”, “CLIPPER”, “REVERSE GATE”, “MIDI TO OSC” will be distributed.
Both were developed with the aim of producing the desired sound with simple operations.

“REPEAT” that can obtain repeated effects with 6 buttons
“WAVE PANNER” that simplifies the automation specification that was troublesome when shaking the pan alternately
“CLIPPER” that can simulate distortion at overlevel
“REVERSE GATE” playing an active part in Shoegaze
“MIDI TO OSC” convenient for digital art & external collaboration

We look forward to your feedback in order to make it a better product.
Please contact us from the CONTACT page.